Project Stargate and Remote Viewing Technology: The CIA's Files on Psychic Spying. Axel Balthazar

Project Stargate and Remote Viewing Technology: The CIA's Files on Psychic Spying

ISBN: 9781939149985 | 300 pages | 8 Mb

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  • Project Stargate and Remote Viewing Technology: The CIA's Files on Psychic Spying
  • Axel Balthazar
  • Page: 300
  • Format: pdf, ePub, fb2, mobi
  • ISBN: 9781939149985
  • Publisher: Adventures Unlimited Press
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Project Stargate and Remote Viewing Technology: The CIA's Files on Psychic Spying by Axel Balthazar In the 1970s, the CIA was concerned about rumors of Soviet research into psychotronics and remote viewing. Naturally, it wasn't long before the U.S. launched its own covert investigations into psychic phenomena and their potential use for military and intelligence purposes. This began a thirty-year series of classified projects, collectively known as the Stargate Project. In this book, Axel Balthazar has compiled the government’s formerly classified documents pertaining to the project. Topics include: Remote viewing, psychic spying, The First Earth Battalion (as depicted in the movie Men Who Stare at Goats starring George Clooney), psi phenomena, extrasensory perception, psychokinesis, and much more. Tons of documents exposed. Axel Balthazar is at it again!

'Psychic Espionage': An Insider's View of US Army's Secret Project
The Central Intelligence Agency, to whom Project StarGate was transferred in 1995, canceled it, and declassified files and run remote viewing teams, revealed that the technology was not only . What information can you share with us about the broader US psychic spying programs during the Cold War? CIA Used Remote Viewing to Learn about Mars Pyramids
The remote viewer, who was not aware that the coordinates given were on the planet Mars, described seeing pyramids, futuristic technologies and a very tall viewers described in the CIA documents was the famed psychic Ingo Swann. One assignment in 1975 was to spy on secret bases on the Moon,  Att Pantech Ease Manual - Haste
View and Download Pantech Swift user manual online. public health system in England - Project Stargate and Remote Viewing Technology: The CIA's Files on.Psychic Spying - Picture This (Rocky Pelligrino, #2) - Prayer: Life's Limitless  FOIA | CIA FOIA (
psychoenergetics (i.e., remote viewing) capability f'or the Intelligence RESULTS OF (AUTOMATED) FILE SEARCH. PENTAGON, CIA COOPERATING ON PSYCHIC SPYING Project is to focus on coordinateremote viewing (CRV) for the The remote viewing technology being transferred to CENTER . Remotely Viewed? The Charlie Jordan Case - CSI
Was fugitive drug smuggler Charlie Jordan nabbed after a CIA. InvestigativeFiles Stargate. The story of the Jordan case-which involved the psychic-spy took charge of the program, operating it as a secret project code-named Stargate until it technological-sounding terms, until Puthoff's “remote viewing” caught on. IRVA - Remote Viewing Timeline
In this timeline operational, military, and civilian major remote viewing events are listed. Aug 1972, Under Puthoff's supervision, CIA representatives conduct first June 1977, Founding of Mobius Group; Project Deepquest - a submarine RV Jim Schnabel/Channel Four TV's The Real X-Files: America's Psychic Spies  Remote Viewing Secrets - Kindle edition by Joseph McMoneagle
Editorial Reviews. Review. Joseph McMoneagle was one of the original remote The Stargate Chronicles: Memoirs of a Psychic Spy: The Remarkable Life of U.S. a once secret army project designed to use trainedremote viewers for spying . Learn the ups and downs associated with thistechnology. Remote Viewing - Nick Pope
Remote viewing involves attempting to use psychic abilities to locate The most famous was codenamed Project Stargate and involved the use of psychics to try and locate abilities and who wanted to volunteer their services as 'psychicspies'. Remote viewing is a technical term, but what it really means is trying to use  Psychic Warrior : Inside the CIA's Stargate Program: The True Story
An ex-army officer reveals his experiences working for the CIA as a psychic and his using psychic spies, operatives who garnered information through "remoteviewing. "A crackling saga that makes the X-Files look like The Waltons. . involved in project Stargate, the government's secret psychic espionage program. 5 Indicators US Army is Looking for to Recruit Psychics - Witch Wars
Is the US Army looking to recruit Psychics? You might Project Stargate andRemote Viewing Technology: The CIA's Files on Psychic Spying, 

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